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What Makes Us Special

The Spokane Area Sheep Producers Association, (SASP) is an organization that promotes the sheep industry in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. This Inland Empire region is noted for having a diversity of sheep breeds in small family farm flocks.

SASP is made up of Inland Empire Shepherds working co-operatively for more efficient production of sheep through recognition and use of better breeding stock, improved feeding and flock management practices.

SASP works directly and indirectly to improve the sheep industry in the greater Spokane area by co-operating with The Washington State Sheep Producers, Washington State University, University of Idaho, and the Department of Agriculture. We focus on improving the market position of the Inland Empire Shepherds through education, pooling of wool and market lambs, support and projects that are helpful to the flock owner.

We are proud to encourage young shepherds through recognition and financial support of 4-H and FFA Sheep Projects. We are actively involved with Spokane Jr. Livestock Show as well as local County Fairs.

We invite all shepherds who live in our region to participate in our organization.

Any person directly engaged in the production of wool or sheep in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana may become a member upon payment of prescribed dues.

A 4-H club or FFA Chapter may be a member of the association by paying the prescribed dues.

Any 4-H or FFA youth actively engaged in sheep production or an approved sheep project may become an associate member free of dues.

Member Benefits include:

*Ongoing Education in Best Practices for flock and farm management.

*Seminars on Marketing meat and wool.

*Eligibility to participate in annual lamb and wool pools.

*Eligibility for financial support and recognition for youth projects in market lamb, wool production and sheep breeding.

*Your Farm can be added to our online Farm Directory with flock and contact information.

For more information contacts us or download a membership application.

SASP Board Members 2019


Les Boian Springdale, WA.


Phone: (509) 258-4467

Vice President:

Laura Ray


 Rhonda Hansen

 1238 E. Ohio Match


Ruth McCauley Deer Park, WA.


Phone: (509) 276-7715

Other Board Members:

Stacey Carpenter

Advisory Members to the Board

Paul Kubler, Ph.D WSU Advisor: Northwest Regional Livestock Specialist


Phone: (509) 477-2185

(509) 725-4171

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